VauxFlores - Sangre de Nieve
VauxFlores - Sangre de Nieve
VauxFlores - Sangre de Nieve

VauxFlores - Sangre de Nieve

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The Sangre de Nieve is a Eurorack distortion module with unique characteristics that go beyond conventional distortion effects. While it can be loosely associated with functions like a waveshaper or VCA, it defies easy categorization. It stands out from traditional distortion by not focusing solely on increasing volume and producing a kazoo-like sound. Instead, it offers a multi-stage process that results in a complex sonic palette.

The module comprises three stages. In stage 1, it introduces a tube amp-like boost. However, the real magic happens in stage 2, where the clipped signal is dropped one or two octaves before entering stage 3. Here, four linear amplifiers in series drive the signal to the point of component saturation, causing unintended yet delightful sonic artifacts—such as errors, stutters, arpeggiations, and more.

The module's controls include Gain (input trim for various sound sources), Drive (adjusting gain downstream), Octave (shaping the blend between gain and octave drop), Voltage (subtle voltage reduction for added nuance), Octave switch (toggling between octaves), and Volume.

Notably, Sangre de Nieve lacks voltage control intentionally, emphasizing a self-contained approach to sonic exploration. This absence of control aligns with the concept of individuality and artistic expression, encouraging users to let the module operate autonomously and contribute its unique textures to musical compositions.

The module's unconventional nature encourages experimentation, allowing users to set parameters and let it create unpredictable yet captivating sounds. It can be used with various sources beyond traditional oscillators, such as guitars, drum machines, or unconventional sound generators, providing a versatile tool for sound designers and musicians aiming to infuse chaos and unpredictability into their compositions.


  • Includes rack screws and ribbon cable 
  • Depth: ~16 mm 
  • Width: 10 HP

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