VauxFlores - Menu de Secreciones
VauxFlores - Menu de Secreciones
VauxFlores - Menu de Secreciones

VauxFlores - Menu de Secreciones

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The "Menu de Secreciones" translates roughly to "Secretion Menu," but a warning is issued against Googling the name due to potentially unsettling results. The name's origin lies in the playful exploration of delay circuits, often repurposing a karaoke chip for unique effects. It draws an analogy to a "secret menu" concept from a popular hamburger restaurant. The module is a delay based on this chip, with both standard and novel features.

While resembling other boutique delay units, this module stands out. It offers typical echo effects but can be pushed into overclocked territory for distinctive fidelity breakdown. An LFO is integrated, enabling control of delay time through blinking lights and varied waveforms. The LFO's extreme swing contributes to a unique and weird sonic character, particularly with unconventional waveforms.

This module includes voltage control—albeit without strict calibration or volt-per-octave adherence. It allows users to customize the internal LFO oscillator by inputting signals like gates, strange waveforms, or audio signals, creating a dynamic interplay of lights and sounds.

While other CV-controllable delays exist, the "Menu de Secreciones" offers a signature VauxFlores take on the concept. Despite its circuit no longer being a secret, the hope is for this module to find its place in setups and hearts. The module's name and design philosophy fuse playful creativity with technological experimentation, yielding an engaging and potentially entrancing sonic experience.


  • Includes rack screws and ribbon cable 
  • Depth: ~16 mm 
  • Width: 10 HP

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