VauxFlores - Alma de Luz
VauxFlores - Alma de Luz
VauxFlores - Alma de Luz

VauxFlores - Alma de Luz

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The Alma de Luz is a VF's first official collaboration with UK-based label Audiobulb. It expands on the modulated delay concept previously introduced in the "Menu de Secreciones." With a doubled delay time compared to the "Menu," it offers about two seconds of analog-like delay, extendable for unconventional clicks and sputters.

The module's collaboration-inspired features include a switchable 8-bit bit-shifter section for glitched-out modulation, simulating the flickering of a light bulb. Controlled by clock and data inputs, it provides shifting voltages, creating chaotic gradients. An additional switchable "rungler" circuit, influenced by Rob Hordijk's Benjolin, adds further instability and unique sonic characteristics by feeding the flicker back into itself.

The module's modulation can sync to various sources, with the ability to export the flicker as control voltage to other modules. A modulation depth control offers a range from subtle to extreme effects.

Overall, the "Alma de Luz" presents a fusion of innovative features, a collaborative spirit, and musical potential. Its name translates to "Soul of Light," reflecting its conceptual exploration of electrical phenomena and its focus on the flickering light aesthetic. This module embodies a creative and experimental approach to sound manipulation, catering to modular enthusiasts seeking distinctive and captivating sonic experiences.

Key points:

  • Lo-res-2 second delay.
  • Overclockable for fancy chirps and whatnot.
  • Switchable modulation section that mimics flickering lightbulb.
  • Switchable rungler for extra instability.
  • Modulation depth control to track from subtle to extreme with a couple surprises along the way.
  • External modulation input.
  • Control voltage output of flicker circuit that operates independent of the input -meaning you can use this as a clocked delay and a chaotic cv generator at the same time.


  • Includes rack screws and ribbon cable 
  • Depth: ~32 mm 
  • Width: 10 HP

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