Møffenzeef Pocket Clock-It
Møffenzeef Pocket Clock-It
Møffenzeef Pocket Clock-It

Møffenzeef Pocket Clock-It

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POCKET CLOCK-IT is a USB powered, 4 channel, generative gate sequencer that is meant to be used with analog synthesizers and Eurorack modules. POCKET CLOCK-IT creates random rhythms that can be looped, saved, and recalled. The step length for each sequence can be controlled separately or globally. In addition to a sequencer, POCKET CLOCK-IT is also a 4 channel programmable clock divider. POCKET CLOCK-IT can be clocked with any voltage over 1/2 a volt (even audio!). If you’re enjoying what you’re doing with POCKET CLOCK-IT, presets can be saved to any of the onboard 8 memory locations. These presets can be recalled on the grid with the next incoming clock pulse. Clock divider mode and random mode have separate memory banks. You can use POCKET CLOCK-IT to sequence a bunch of stuff or use it as a utility to tie all of your devices together. Is that a CLOCK-IT in your POCKET or are you just happy to see me?

NOTE: To use POCKET CLOCK-IT with a USB rechargeable power bank, your power bank must have an “always on” or “low current” feature. Due to the low current draw of this device, a lot of power banks with smart sensors in them are not compatible. POCKET CLOCK-IT looks like a phone that’s just finished charging to those devices :D.

USB cable + cassette carrying case included.


  • 3” x 2” x 0.25”

  • 5v USB 400ma at rest, 100ma running

  • 100k input impedance

  • 1k output impedance


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