Doepfer A-138d CFX - USED
Doepfer A-138d CFX - USED

Doepfer A-138d CFX - USED

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  • 1 used Doepfer A-138d CFX eurorack module in very good condition with minimal wear (rack rash)
  • 1 ribbon cable

In its role as a crossfader within the A-100, the module enables blending of two audio signals with adjustable levels via the Crossfade (CF) control, featuring miniature multiples for signal forwarding, dual sockets for inputs and output, and a mute switch for input silencing. As an effect send/return module, it offers attenuation and amplification controls to manage external effect signal levels, with the CF control serving as a dry/wet mixer for balancing original and processed sounds, ensuring versatile integration with external effects without distortion.

  • 8 HP
  • Depth: Approximately 1.57 inches