VauxFlores - Fabrica de Unicornios Muertos
VauxFlores - Fabrica de Unicornios Muertos
VauxFlores - Fabrica de Unicornios Muertos

VauxFlores - Fabrica de Unicornios Muertos

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This module boasts a clever Spanish-inspired name, playfully channeling disdain for overvalued tech startups and a potential craft beverage reference. Despite being categorized as a filter, it defies conventional filter expectations. Classified as a switched capacitor filter, it stands out in the modular synth world, offering a unique sonic experience.

Unlike typical filters that remove frequencies and add resonance for dramatic effects, this module focuses on accentuating funky harmonics. Rotating the knob introduces intriguing and unpredictable transformations based on incoming sounds. This distinct character, akin to a hybrid of a ring modulator and a bit crusher, adds crunch, chirps, and sputters. Notably, the module unveils the hidden layers of sound, providing a distinctive flavor to compositions.

Set apart by its compact 6 hp size, this switched-cap filter offers skiff-friendly convenience, distinguishing it from other switched-cap filters available. Its ability to infuse a touch of unconventional sonic color without occupying excessive rack space contributes to its allure.

In essence, this module offers an innovative take on filtering, diverging from the norm to deliver an engaging and unpredictable sonic journey. With its unique characteristics and compact footprint, it promises to be a valuable addition to any modular setup, providing a fresh and captivating sonic palette.


  • Includes rack screws and ribbon cable 
  • Depth: ~16 mm 
  • Width: 6 HP

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