shkrjn Duophonic Distribution
shkrjn Duophonic Distribution

shkrjn Duophonic Distribution

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The shkrjn Duophonic Distribution module is an ideal module for creative sound-shaping. It allows the notes of a single monophonic sequence to be alternated between two independent voices, creating two voice polyphony. It features two precision analog sample and holds with fast acquisition and low droop. The sample and holds can be clocked as fast as 30khz which can allow them to function as a stereo down sampler.

The flip-flop style clock divider has inverted and non-inverted outputs with inputs accompanied by a comparator through. A precision full wave rectifier is available for converting bipolar to unipolar signals. All circuits are available independently, but internal normalizations allow for duophonic voice allocation with just a single CV and gate input.

4 hp

Included in box:

- module

- ribbon cable

Manual available here

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