shkrjn Dual Low Pass Gate
shkrjn Dual Low Pass Gate
shkrjn Dual Low Pass Gate

shkrjn Dual Low Pass Gate

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*For a limited time, buy two shkrjn modules and receive a free shkrjn passive mult module with qualifying purchase. Offer valid while supplies last.*

*Limited run blue panel model available exclusively through The Noise Source*

The shkrjn Dual Low Pass Gate is a vactrol-based module with two channels, designed to improve circuit performance while honoring the classic low pass gates of the past and present. Its unique CV circuit allows for tight following of incoming CV, making it ideal for use with voltage controlled envelopes. The module also maintains excellent off-ness, ensuring complete silence when incoming CV is at 0 volts.

Each channel is equipped with a dynamics control, in addition to the expected CV input, providing the user with modulation options to adjust how tightly the low pass gate follows incoming CV. By turning the dynamics control counter-clockwise, the low pass gate's response becomes shorter and pluckier. Conversely, turning the dynamics control fully clockwise allows for a gradual decay with full openness.

Hand-assembled in New York City, this Low Pass Gate is part of a limited release. Each module uses high-quality hand-matched film capacitors in the audio path, along with hand-matched Vactrols. The CV circuit is tuned to account for the natural variances of each Vactrol.


Included in box:

- module

- additional black front panel

- ribbon cable

*The Noise Source is an authorized shkrjn dealer*